Becoming a Big is an amazing step towards making a positive difference in the life of a child. Thank you for taking the time to apply with our agency!

A key step to becoming a Big is your background screening. This process includes getting fingerprinted by the local Sheriff’s office and running a comprehensive background check. We will also reach out to the references you provided in your application packet for a brief interview, complete a local and national sexual predator check, and depending on your program we may also investigate your driving record.

Are you interested in underwriting the cost of your background check? There are two levels of sponsorship. The total cost for the comprehensive background screening is $125. The cost of Level 2 finger print processing is $35.

Please consider sponsoring the cost of your background screening by donating here. 

Our match procedure- the process we use to match you with your new Little Brother or Little Sister- is a thorough and complete method. It is important that we match our Bigs and Littles based on many factors including interests, location and personality. We want your relationship with your Little to last for years to come. Because this process is so thorough, it is possible to remain on the waiting list as a volunteer for a period of time. Please be patient- we are working hard every day to find just the right Big and Little to bring together!

While you are waiting to be matched, please volunteer with us!

Big Brothers Big Sisters has fundraisers and activities scheduled every month, and we are always looking for helping hands. Please visit our Events Calendar to see what is coming up! If you are interested in helping, please email Jeanie Flanagan for more details.