Big Brothers Bigs Sisters PBMC would like to thank the Palm Beach County Youth Services Department and our County Commissioners who awarded funding to Big Brothers and Big Sisters 2018 summer “School to Work” program. Beginning June 2018, twenty-four youth will be given an opportunity to experience hands on learning while earning a stipend. This unique program integrates mentoring, career exploration through workplace internships and instructs youth on pathways to college or postsecondary education.  Junior and Senior high school students will be educated and prepared for either college, post-secondary school, and/or the workforce. The program encourages graduation while maintaining or improving academics, behavior, attendance, and introduces youth to caring adults working in diverse fields within the community. Thank You Palm Beach County Youth Services Department for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters and embracing our vision that “All children achieve success in life.”


Mission of the Palm Beach County Youth Services Department

Administer programs and initiatives of the Board of County Commissioners to ensure the healthy growth, development, education, and transition of children and youth to young adulthood and the workforce.Learn more at