We are always looking for in-kind donations, both for our office and our Littles! Have something to share? Check out our latest Wish List!

Office Supplies

  • Digital Camera for each match and events
  • Laptop (with current operating system) for interviews on and off-site
  • Wii remotes, games & accessories

Individuals/Groups Suggestions:

  • Host an activity for the kids on our waiting list (Movie Night, Game Night, Trick or Treating, holiday party).
  • Host a “fun”rasier (Ask for donations of board games/science activities for our school based programs).
  • Host a “friend”raiser (Ask for mentors at your business, group, ministry, school, etc.)
  • Intern/work in the office with us (Marketing, Social Services, Education, Recruiters, Customer Relations, Photography).
  • Share your experience with a group, choose a site based elementary school to visit once a month. You can show them a science project, show them what a day in your career looks like, practice counting money, etc.
  • Host a “penny war” between departments other affiliates to raise funds, earn bragging rights, and create a fun competitive team activity
  • Host a bake off between different departments. Charge other employees/guests a price for the goods, the department who raises the most wins!
  • As a reward, give the winning team tickets to one of our signature events where they’ll not only have fun, they’ll see how they’ve made an impact
  • Volunteer mentors for our community program in Martin County or in Palm Beach. Willing to be a supportive friend to a child facing adversity & able to devote 4 hours a month for a minimum of one year.
  • Volunteer mentors for our site based program. One hour, once a week during after school hours. High School students and adults are welcome.


  •  Donate tickets to sporting events, theaters, season tickets, etc.  and we’ll give them to mentors or families
  • Gift basket items such as a gift card, spa package, hotel stays, wine, etc. that we can raffle or put as a silent auction item

Don’t have time to mentor? See our Donation page. Your gift can help mentors and children.

Have something else to give? Call our office! 561-727-3450 Ext. 1